Are You Hoarding Your Old Devices? Brits Sitting on £3.5 Billion of Unused Gadgets

According to a recent study by Carphone Warehouse, consumers in the UK have around £3.5 Billion of unused technological gadgets sitting around at home. UK homes are harbouring around 4.4 million unwanted iPhones, 2.6 million old Blackberries, and a whole host of other devices that are just sitting there gathering dust including not only mobiles but also mobile phone cases and chargers, TV remote controls, headphones, digital and film cameras, laptops, and CD and DVD players.

Some of those polled in the study stated reasons for keeping the tech around. 24%, for example, said they keep old technology to back up their current devices, 10% choose to keep old gadgets as they still contain photos or documents that they want. Often however, it seems that we keep hold of old technology simply through apathy, or because we are not really sure what to do with it.

On average, Brits keep tech around, languishing, for nine years, while one in seven can take up to 20 years before they get rid of gadgets or devices that they no longer use. We, as a nation, are hoarding a vast treasure trove of technological items that could be recycled, or could even be resold and begin a second life with a new owner.

Is it time to part with your old mobile, or other gadget? You could instead make sure that the components of old phones and other tech that can no longer be used are recycled. You can give working devices to a charity so that they can be used by someone else who needs them. You may even be able to sell or trade in your old phone to get money off or money towards new devices.

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