Compare Prices on Smoke Alarms With Money Pug

Smoke alarms are not merely the trappings of legal officialdom, they can truly save lives. There is a very good reason why smoke alarms and other safety alarms are a legal requirement in homes and businesses. These devices cannot only prevent damage to property, they can also mean the difference between life and death. Fire is a terrifying thing. Why take risks? If your home is not properly protected with a smoke alarm system, then this is something you should sort out right away!

Shopping for smoke alarms need not be a complicated or difficult business when you use Money Pug’s comparison site. On this site you can see at a glance the different smoke alarms and related safety devices and find the options that are right for you for the lowest possible prices. No matter what exactly you need, let Money Pug help keep you safe, and help you spend less in the process.

Which Smoke Alarms Can I Compare?

Money Pug allows you to compare prices on a wide range of smoke alarms and other safety devices for your home, including:

  • Camping gas detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Gas alarm devices
  • Heat detectors
  • Radio gas alarm devices
  • Radio heat detectors
  • Radio smoke alarms
  • Radio smoke alarm sets
  • Smoke alarm sets
  • Smoke detectors
  • Smoke detector accessories
  • Smoke detector fasteners
  • Smoke detector modules
  • Test sprays

No matter where and how you need to keep yourself and your family safe, Money Pug is here to help you get the items you need without breaking the bank.

What Should I Consider When Comparing Smoke Alarms?

When it is your safety at stake, it is, of course, vitally important that you get the right smoke alarms and other safety devices. For this reason, it is important to do your homework, and to make sure that you have thought carefully before making your purchasing decisions. When comparing and choosing smoke alarms and other safety devices, here are some of the things you should be sure to consider:

  • Whether smoke alarms etc. meet British Standards. (Grade D, for interlinked smoke and heat alarms powered through the mains, and Grade F for battery-powered alarms for individual, private installation.)
  • Whether smoke alarms are interlinked and what connectivity they offer.
  • What type of sensor smoke alarms you are considering have. (E.g. Ionisation, optical, thermo, air sampling, dual sensor etc…)
  • The type, capacity and life of batteries in battery powered alarms.
  • Additional features on alarms and which might be useful/ beneficial.

These are just some of the issues to consider when choosing smoke alarms and other safety devices for your home. Do your research and then compare with Money Pug to make sure that you get the devices which really are right for you, and will help to keep you safe.

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