Compare Prices on Sanders & Grinders With Money Pug

Whether you are an experienced tool user, or are developing a new found interest in DIY, finding the right tools for the jobs you need to undertake can be a complicated and sometimes time-consuming business. But Money Pug is here to help. On this page you can compare prices on a wide range of sanders & grinders – common power tools that can be used to undertake a wide range of jobs around your home.

If you are looking for a sander to finish off a range of surfaces, or a grinder to grind, polish, sand, cut or sharpen, Money Pug can help you by allowing you to find the best prices at a glance. We aim to make it easier and cheaper for you to undertake a range of DIY projects in your home, by allowing to to search and compare all the tools you need for the job.

Which Sanders & Grinders Can I Compare?

Money Pug’s shopping comparison website allows you to search and compare a huge selection of sanders & grinders, including:

  • Air angle grinders
  • Air belt sanders
  • Air die grinders
  • Air eccentric sanders
  • Air grinders
  • Air multi sanders
  • Air orbital sanders
  • Air polishers
  • Air straight grinders
  • Angle grinders
  • Angle polishers
  • Band files
  • Belt disc sanders
  • Belt sanders
  • Bench grinders
  • Burnishing machines
  • Car Polishers
  • Chainsaw sharpeners
  • Concrete grinders
  • Cordless angle grinders
  • Cordless polisher
  • Cut-off grinders
  • Delta sanders
  • Die grinders
  • Disc sanders
  • Double grinders
  • Drill grinders
  • Drum sanders
  • Drywall sanders
  • Eccentric sanders
  • Edge grinders
  • Electric files
  • Engravers
  • Mouse sanders
  • Multi sanders
  • Orbital sanders
  • Pipe belt sanders
  • Precision multi-tools
  • Rotary sanders
  • Saw blade sharpeners
  • Sharpening equipment
  • Single hand angle grinders
  • Spindle sanders
  • Stationary sanders
  • Straight grinders
  • Surface grinders
  • Two-handed angle grinders
  • Universal grinders
  • Wet grinders
  • Wet/dry sanders
  • Wheel sanders
  • & Wide belt sanders.



What Should I Consider When Comparing Sanders & Grinders?

There are a number of things to consider when comparing sanders and grinders in addition to the price of these items, including:

  • The purpose(s) for which you will be using the power tool in question.
  • Whether the tool is mains or battery powered.
  • How powerful the tool is and whether that power is sufficient for your needs.
  • The diameter of a sanding/ grinding disc.
  • The shape/form of the sanding/ grinding surface.
  • The voltage, number and capacity of batteries in battery powered tools.
  • How heavy the tool is and how easily you will be able to use it.
  • The speed/ stroke rate of the tool.
  • Features and functions of the particular tool(s) you are considering.

These are just some of the many things to consider when comparing sanders & grinders with Money Pug.

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