Compare Prices on Monitors With Money Pug

The computer monitor that you choose for your home PC can have a huge bearing on how easy and comfortable it is to use for work or play. Even if you have a laptop for general home use rather than a traditional desktop computer, an additional monitor can increase screen space and make it easier to undertake any work or to play games on your computer. If you are looking for a new computer monitor then you have come to the right place.

Money Pug can help you to source and select the monitor that best meets your particular needs and desires, and to source it from the supplier who offers the option you have selected for the best possible price. You can save money on monitors, and on all other computing items and equipment, when you compare prices with Money Pug using our handy comparison site.

What Monitors Can I Compare?

Here on Money Pug’s comparison website you can search and compare prices on a wide and diverse range of different computer monitors, including:

  • 3D monitors
  • 4K monitors
  • 5K monitors
  • 8K monitors
  • Curved monitors
  • Gaming monitors
  • HD monitors
  • HDR monitors
  • LCD/TFT monitors
  • LED monitors
  • Touchscreen monitors
  • TV monitors
  • Ultra wide monitors
  • WQHD monitors

So whatever type of monitor you are looking for, you are sure to be able to find the one that is right for you. You can search for monitors in a range of sizes, to suit a huge range of applications, that will work well for all uses.

What Should I Consider When Comparing Monitors?

When choosing a computer monitor, you will of course have to consider the budget that you have available. But there are also a number of other questions that you should ask yourself. These questions include:

  • What will you be using the monitor for?
  • How large would you like/ require the monitor to be?
  • Is resolution important, if so, what resolution do you require?
  • What aspect ratio should the monitor have?
  • What devices must the monitor interact with and what connectivity/ inputs is/are required?
  • Do you want/need integrated features such as a microphone/ keyboard/ freeview tuner?
  • What ergonomic properties would be required/ desired? (Should the monitor be height adjustable, pivotable or tiltable for example?)
  • How much energy will the monitor use? (It is a good idea to choose a monitor with a good energy rating in order to save on electricity bills in future.)

These are just a starting point but should help you narrow down the field and zoom in on the monitor that is perfect for your computing or televisual needs. Once you have thought about the above, it is time to seek out the best deal with Money Pug’s comparison service.

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