Compare Prices on Console & PC Games With Money Pug

There is such a huge range of console & PC games on the market that it can be overwhelming to seek out and purchase the games you want. Whether you are looking for video games, console games or computer games of any sort, Money Pug can help you to easily lay your hands on exactly what you are looking for.

We all deserve to treat ourselves very once in a while and playing console & PC games can be a great way to relax and unwind. It can be a way to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday existence and head into a different and absorbing world. No matter what sort of computer games you like to play, Money Pug can help you find the best deals and get your console & PC games for less by using our handy comparison site.

Which Console & PC Games Can I Compare?

With Money Pug you can compare video games including:

  • Action games
  • Adventure games
  • Basketball games
  • FPS games
  • Football games
  • RPGs (Role playing games)

You will find a range of console games including:

  • PS4 games
  • X Box games
  • Nintendo Switch games
  • Nintendo 3DS games
  • Nintendo Wii U games

And more… You can also find PC games including:

    • Fun PC Games
    • Kids Computer Games
    • MMORPGs
    • PC Action Games
    • PC Adventure Games
    • PC Arcade Games
    • PC Beat’ em Up Games
    • PC Board Games
    • PC Brain Teaser Games
    • PC Card Games
    • PC Erotic Games
    • PC Flight Simulations
    • PC Football Games
    • PC FPS (First Person Shooters)
    • PC Games Compilations
    • PC Jump’n’Run Games
    • PC Karaoke Games
    • PC Mahjong Games
    • PC Music Games
    • PC Open-World Games
    • PC Quiz Games
    • PC Racing Games
    • PC Role Playing Games (RPGs)
    • PC Simulation Games
    • PC Sports Games
    • PC Strategy Games
    • PC Survival Horror Games


  • PC TPS (Third Person Shooters)


What Should I Consider When Comparing Console & PC Games?

When choosing console & PC games you should consider:

  • Your own tastes and preferences.
  • The age of the person for whom you are buying the game, and whether the game is suitable for them.
  • What computer/device you will be playing the game on. (And whether the game is compatible with a particular console/ OS/ platform.)
  • The reviews of the game in question. (Reading reviews can help you to avoid disappointment.)
  • The cost of the game in question (and your budget).

These are just a few of the things to consider when comparing console & PC games with Money Pug.

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