Compare Prices on Boilers With Money Pug

A new boiler might not be an exciting purchase – but if you do not have a functioning boiler then getting a new one sorted out will be a matter of high priority. A boiler to provide for your home’s heating and hot water needs is an essential in most households in the UK. But is is important to make sure that you choose the right boiler. The right boiler can last for years and years, but if you choose the wrong option, it can be a costly mistake.

Money Pug can help you find the boiler you need to meet your heating and hot water needs without breaking the bank. You can search and compare prices on a wide range of boilers when you use Money Pug’s handy and easy to use comparison website. So if you find that you need a new boiler, either for a new home, or to replace an older, inefficient or broken boiler then you have come to the right place. Shop today and you may be amazed by how much you can save.


Which Boilers Can I Compare?

Money Pug’s comparison service allows you to compare prices on a wide range of boilers to suit almost any home, including:

  • Combi water heaters
  • Gas condensing boilers
  • Gas heating
  • Oil condensing boilers
  • Oil heating
  • Pellet boilers
  • Solid fuel boilers
  • Wood boilers
  • Wood gasifiers

So, whatever fuel you will be using, and no matter how large or small your home may be, you will be able to stay warm and comfortable when you choose your new boiler for your hot water and heating needs using this website.

What Should I Consider When Comparing Boilers?

It should, perhaps, go without saying but budget will of course be a major consideration when choosing a new boiler for your home. But the amount you can pay or are willing to shell out is only one of the things that you should consider when comparing boilers. You should also be sure to think about:

  • The size of your home and number of inhabitants.
  • Whether a boiler is required for heating, hot water or both.
  • What type of fuel the boiler should run on.
  • Whether the boiler should be free-standing or wall mounted, and the space in which it should fit.
  • Whether there is an eco-friendly option that would suit, and whether this would be preferable to an option reliant on fossil fuels.
  • The nominal and normal heat output of boilers you are considering.
  • The efficacy of operating options, thermostats etc. and how easy the boiler will be to use.

Considering these issues above will help you make sure that you narrow down the field and find the boilers that are right for you. You can then compare prices with Money Pug to make sure you are not paying over the odds for your new boiler.

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