Compare Prices on All in One Printers With Money Pug

Much of our current lives are lived on screens – but there are times when we still need to print things out and have hard copies. For work or leisure purposes, an all-in-one printer can be a handy thing to have around. Combining a printer and a scanner and a copier and sometimes a fax machine too all in one, one of these useful pieces of equipment can be a handy space-saver in an office or home office.

If you are looking for an all in one printer then Money Pug can help. Money Pug’s easy to use comparison service is designed to help you have sure you get the printer you need for the very lowest price possible.

What All In One Printers Can I Compare?

With Money Pug you can compare a wide range of multifunctional all in one printers from all the UK’s major manufacturers, so you should have no difficulty in finding the printer that is perfect for your needs. You can compare a wide range of inkjet printers and laser printers, at a range of different price points and with a variety of different strengths and weaknesses.

Using Money Pug’s handy comparison service you can compare a range of different product types within this category, including 3 in 1 printers, 4 in 1 printers, multifunction laser printers, multifunction inkjet printers, multifunction gel printers, etc… or narrow down your choices by focussing on manufacturing brands that you know and trust. Of course you can also search printers by price range, so you are only presented with items which are suitable and which you can afford.

What Should I Consider When Comparing All in One Printers?

When choosing an all in one printer, it is important to consider:

  • Your budget and price range.
  • Which functions – printing, scanning, copying, faxing… you require.
  • Whether you should go for an inkjet or laser printer. (Both have pros and cons. Inkjet printers tend to cost less initially and use less energy than laser printers but ink may dry out, nozzles need cleaning, and cartridges have to be replaced. Laser printers cost more upfront but due to lower ongoing costs, may work out cheaper in the long run. They are also more durable, last longer and have fewer moving parts to go wrong.)
  • Which additional specs/ features could be helpful/ desirable.

(Other things to look at might include: efficiency, paper tray capacity, pages per minute, colour/photo capabilities, web connectivity etc…)

To make kitting out your office or home work space as easy and affordable as possible, make sure you search for and compare your options with Money Pug. You might be amazed by how much you could save on your all in one printer.

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