You can now get parma violet and strawberries and cream Cider

Brothers has launched a brand-new seasonal favourite as the UK hits spring.

The brewery is selling Parma Violet cider – and social media is going mad for it.

The Somerset cider firm has launched the drink recipes – parma violet and strawberries & cream.

The new flavours are so far only available in Greene King pubs.

The ciders come with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of four per cent.


One of the first people to comment remarked “Parma violet and cider, surely a match made in heaven,” and echoing those sentiments, someone else added “Can’t wait to find this.”

However not everyone will be rushing to have a sip. One person reacted “If Satan drank cider this would be his favorite….absolutely vile!!” and another wrote ” Love cider, love Parma violets. Not together!!!”

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