You can buy Adorable bunny crumpets this Easter!

A plethora of hot cross buns and chocolate eggs have launched ahead of Easter.

But Asda is hoping its seasonal product is going to set them apart from other supermarkets.

The store is selling bunny shaped crumpets ahead of the festive occasion.

Asda’s best-selling Baker’s Selection Easter Bunny Crumpets have returned for another year.

Shoppers can snap up four of the breakfast items for £1 – so they’re an absolute steal.

The limited edition product won’t be around for long and is expected to disappear by the end of the month.

It also may be a little tricky to locate as they’ve been flying off shelves.

Many customers have taken to social media to gush over the product.

One Twitter user wrote: “Mmm breakfast @Asda. Love the bunny crumpets.”

Another said: “@Asda my son enjoyed his bunny crumpets this morning.”

A third added: “Dear @Asda, thank you for the Easter Bunny Crumpets!

“I love them.”

Asda isn’t the only supermarket that’s created rabbit-shaped treats.

Aldi shoppers can pick up Bunny Crumpets for 85p.

Each pack contains four snacks, meaning each morsel retails for just 21p.

The items are yet to hit stores, but they will be available from April 14.

As the product is a Specialbuy, it’ll only be around while stock lasts.

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