Woman who was bullied over 38K boobs becomes lingerie model: ‘Curves are not a crime’

Reported via the star 

Lexy used to dream of looking like her slimmer friends, which is why she decided to go under the knife.

She remembered: “I was badly bullied at secondary school for my curvy appearance and it took an extreme toll on my mental health.

“I was taken out of school at 14 and entered a mental health facility for young people.

“With regular counselling and medication, I was able to move forward and complete my GCSEs with some home tutoring.

“I went on to college and life was better there, but I was always conscious of being large and I did feel inferior to my slimmer friends. I went on to have a breast reduction because of those feelings.”

Even after getting her boobs reduced from 38K to 36G, Lexy battled with her self confidence.

But everything changed in 2014, when she was gifted a makeover shoot by a friend.

The busty babe recalled: “I first started modelling in 2014 after a makeover shoot was booked for me as a gift.

“I usually refused to have my photo taken so I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the shoot and the fact I actually liked the final images.

“The photographer asked if I had any social media accounts to tag and it all began from there.”

Lexy’s body positivity spilled into her everyday life, as she took up modelling.

She has also started dressing to draw attention her hourglass figure instead of covering it up.

She revealed: “I wore a corset for my very first shoot and I was really excited about wearing one.

“Then, only a few months after that I was paid to model one for a designer.

“Now I wear corsets really often – for some periods, I’ve worn them daily for 23 hours a day.”

She added: “Corsets make me stand taller and they accentuate my curves to make me feel more confident.

“I find the corseted silhouette so beautiful and I definitely feel more attractive when I’m wearing one.

“I actually own about 40 corsets and they range from 26 inches to 22 inches…

“People do stare when I go out in a tight-laced corset and sometimes, they even ask to take selfies with me.

“I get lots of positive comments from women and they often ask about waist training, so they can try it themselves. Some people even ask to touch my waist.

“My family have seen me come from a dark place and transform my life so now they’re all so happy for me.”

She also hopes that sharing her story will encourage others to be more inclusive.

The plus size model remarked: “I want to show people that curves are not a crime.

“There is still a prevailing attitude that curvy, especially busty, women should cover up and hide away.

“We are all different and some people are destined to be fuller figured, they should not have to feel ashamed and should be able to love themselves like everyone else.

“People have a right to self esteem regardless of their shape or size.”



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