Woman spends £25k transforming herself from teenage goth to human Barbie doll

Meet the real life Barbie who has spent more than £25,000 transforming herself into a human doll.

But what is most surprising, is that the toy doll enthusiast actually used to be a GOTH.

Ophelia Vanity, 30, has splurged thousands of pounds on Botox, fillers and beauty treatments, in a bid to emulate the iconic doll.

She is also eyeing breast and bottom implants and wants to have rib removal surgery to give her more of an hourglass shape.

“I’ve always been into Barbie . As a kid, I’d get a doll every Christmas or birthday. I had a dozen or so and would play with them all the time,” said Ophelia, of Los Angeles, California, USA.

“I loved her aesthetic, and as I got older, I decided I wanted to emulate her.

“She’s such an iconic character.”

A far cry from her current doll-like appearance, Ophelia spent her teens dressing as a goth – wearing black clothing and heavy make-up.

But, as she grew older, she wanted a drastic change and felt more drawn to the Barbie look.

In 2009, she had her first Botox injections in a bid to make her face expressionless, like a doll.

She recalls being nervous, but says they did not hurt.

Impressed with the results, she began having it more regularly, until it became a part of her beauty routine.

Around four years ago, she also started having lip fillers, to achieve Barbie’s trademark pillowed pout.

She now gets either Botox or lip fillers every six to nine months. She has also undergone non-surgical rhinoplasty, which sees surgeons transform the shape of the nose using filler injections.

Then, around 18 months ago, she completed her look by swapping her long black locks for a new bleached blonde barnet, just like her dolly idol.

“Even when I had black hair, people would say I looked doll-like,” said Ophelia, who funds her beauty habit with a string of odd jobs, including PA and modelling work.

“I think it’s my eyes, which are naturally large. But I wanted a change, so decided to go fully blonde. Now, I have my hair bleached every two months.”

All in all, Ophelia estimates she’s spent around £27,670 ($35,000) on her transformation – and she doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

She continued: “I have a full list of surgeries I’d like done, although I don’t have anything lined up at the moment.

“I’d love breast and bum implants, but I need to save money and make sure I find the right doctor.

“I’d also love either four or six ribs removed, like Pixie Foxx, a model who had the surgery a little while ago. I wouldn’t go quite as extreme as her, but aesthetically, she’s an inspiration.”

To complete her look, Ophelia can spend up to three hours a day painstakingly applying makeup, using clever tricks to alter the shape of her face.

Though her eyes are naturally large, she wears contact lenses to enhance them, boosting the size of her iris from 13.5cm to 16.2cm.

“I don’t go full Barbie every day. If I’m just popping to the shops, I won’t wear any makeup,” Ophelia, who also wears a 22” waist corset to give her Barbie’s iconic hourglass figure, explained.

“But when I’m fully dressed up, which I do if I’m going to events or parties, I do get stopped and recognised on the streets of Hollywood. People are usually really positive, and want to talk to me or take pictures.

“If I’m fully dressing up, I’ll pick a Barbie-like outfit, too. Pink is my favourite colour. My whole wardrobe is basically pink dresses and heels.”

Currently single, Ophelia said her look can get in the way of her love life.

In the past, men have told her she invests too much time and money in being like Barbie.

As a result, she avoids dating apps like Tinder, choosing instead to either meet potential partners in real life or via Instagram, where they’ll know all about her look straight away.

Content for now with devoting her spare time to perfecting her Barbie look, however, she is not looking to meet anybody at the moment.

With the support of her friends and family, Ophelia set up an Instagram account, showing off her look to the world – resulting in her building up 36,000 followers.

But while most love her look, she has sadly fallen victim to the odd cruel comment.

“There is a lot of cyberbullying out there,” she explained. “I’ve been called ugly or had people say I’m delusional for wanting to look like Barbie.

“I’m not hurting anyone, though. I know I shouldn’t put too much into these people hiding behind a screen, but I’m still human so it does hurt.

“I always ignore them. I know they just want a rise. If they really hated me, they’d look away.”

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