Vicar, 80, rekindles marriage with 24-year-old toy boy – and lets him sleep around

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A retired vicar has rekindled his relationship with his 25-year-old toy boy.

Philip Clements, 80, is determined to make the age gap marriage work at all costs.

He is even willing to let his Romanian beau, Florin Marin, sleep with other men.

Despite their brief separation, the pair are now adamant that they’re stronger than ever.

In the past, the couple squabbled about their contrasting lifestyles.

While Florin enjoys partying the night away in nightclubs, the pensioner prefers to stay at home.

Despite this, the pair are willing to work through their differences due to their love for one another.

Philip told The Sun: “Sometimes we have a little row but underlying it all I have a deep affection for him.

“I love him to bits, if we were permanently separated, I would be the most unhappy person in the world.”

But while the pair are giving their marriage another chance, they have agreed to be more open with one another.

Philip is even prepared to let Florin sleep with other men.

The religious man explained: “We have agreed as part of our agreement as an open relationship, if we have a serious relationship, we will tell each other.

“I would be a little bit jealous I have to admit. That other chap, who doesn’t exist at the moment, is getting more of what I should be enjoying.”


AGE OLD PROBLEM: Previously, the couple squabbled about their differences (Pic: BPM MEDIA)
While the couple are delighted to be giving things another go, Philip’s brothers are reportedly against the idea.

This is likely to be because the marriage has been very turbulent in the past.

Following a whirlwind romance, the pair tied the knot in 2017.

After walking down the aisle, the reverend sold his home in Sandwich, Kent and moved to Bucharest.

But when the pair decided to break up, Philip had nowhere to live.

Even though the split was messy, he remained on good speaking terms with his husband.

This is probably why it hasn’t been too difficult for the couple to give their marriage a second chance.

They hope that their relationship won’t suffer the strain it felt previously.

Philip added: “We have spoken about divorce, but in my heart of hearts I don’t want a divorce.”

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