Transgender teenager mistaken for Victoria Beckham daily – can you see the resemblance?

Ruby Corder, 18, is often compared to one of the world’s most-famous celebrities.

The transgender teenager insists that she is stopped in the street due to her resemblance to Victoria Beckham.

While the LGBT activist is often complimented on her looks, not everyone has reacted well to her transition.

Ruby, who was born Ruben, always saw herself as different to her other classmates.

She remembered: “From the age of twelve I started to play around with makeup and came out as gay when I was 13.

“I have very accepting parents and I am very lucky to have that.

“I admired the ‘androgynous’ look and as I grew up my mind matured and what I wanted became more clear.

“Behind closed doors I started using makeup to create boobs and wearing hair extensions but I never went out of the house like that.”

The teen began looking online for advice and sought comfort in LGBT vloggers including Gigi Gorgeous and Shane Dawson.

She confessed: “I watched a lot of transgender YouTubers.

“I learnt a lot and things made so much more sense. I realised I was transgender. I couldn’t believe it.

“I was still petrified of having surgery and changing my whole sex.

“It was a very emotional and confusing time for me. I didn’t know what my identity was. I felt so lost.”

Eventually, Ruby made the brave decision to transition.

She said: “My 17th birthday came up and it felt like a new start for me. I came to the conclusion I should do whatever my heart feels.

“I then came out as transgender but my parents were completely fine. They weren’t really surprised as I looked like a girl anyway.”

She grew out her hair and began rocking glamorous make-up looks in public.

Following Ruby’s dramatic transformation, she was regularly told that she has A-list looks.

She admitted: “I don’t try to look like anyone but whenever I go out random strangers say I resemble Posh Spice, Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner.

“I’m mostly a fan of Posh Spice. I love her style. We do have similarities, especially her eyes.”

While many are supportive of the teenager’s transition, she also a victim of cruel taunts.

Ruby explained: “My friends are very accepting but I’ve had abuse in public from strangers. Things have been thrown at me and I’ve had verbal abuse.

“The internet has been 70% positive. I’ve gotten hundreds, if not thousands, of lovely messages but also hundreds of horrible ones.

“People call me f**got, tranny and gay. In most of the scenarios people laugh and make little comments discreetly. It doesn’t feel good.

“I suffer with depression and social anxiety. I always think everyone is against me. It doesn’t help when the abuse is validating what I suffer with.

“However, it would never make me reconsider the transition. I will still continue no matter how many people disagree.”

Reported on the star online

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