Tan Addict: ‘Jabs and sunbeds could kill me but I won’t quit’

As reported in closer Hannah Tittensor is hooked on sunbeds and illegal tanning injections – and her tan is so extreme, she has been accused of trying to look black

For many women, sun-kissed summer skin is a must, but Hannah Tittensor, 22, has taken her desire for a tan to the extreme. In fact, she’s so bronzed – thanks to sunbeds and illegal tanning injections – that she often gets mistaken for being black.

Shockingly, she says she won’t stop getting darker – even if it puts her health at risk.

Hannah – who is a beauty therapist and lives in Belfast with her boyfriend, Ben, 23 – says, “I have naturally olive skin, but nothing beats the feeling of a deep tan.
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