Size 20 woman campaigning to end ‘swimsuit shaming’ is criticised by This Morning viewers for promoting an ‘unhealthy’ weight

Viewers were left in hysterics when a body positivity campaigner appeared on This Morning in just her bikini – leaving presenter Eamonn Holmes unsure where to look.

Sophie Brady, from Everton, who is content with her size 18 to 20 figure, joined Ruth Langsford and Eamonn on the sofa to explain how she used to cover up on the beach, until her husband convinced her that she looks beautiful.

‘Where health is concerned, I’ve been dancing since I was three and I’m very active,’ she explained.

But it wasn’t the topic of conversation that caused a stir online, it was the presenter’s awkward reaction.

‘His face is cracking me up,’ wrote one. ‘My husband’s face was a picture when she stated ‘that their were two big things in her life,’ while another added: ‘Eamonn doesn’t know where to look. He’s stuttering.’

Donning a red balcony bra and knickers with her hair loose, Sophie protected her modesty by covering up in a silk gown. But still, the presenter had to avert his eyes.

‘Eamonn not knowing where to look,’ joked another viewer, followed by crying face emojis,’ while another penned: ‘It was nice seeing ALL of you. Got to love Eamonn Holmes!’

A third joked: ‘Eamonn is great at avoiding body shaming… “women half, a third the size of you!”

But while Sophie spoke about her initiative to end ‘swimsuit shaming’, she was actually criticised for being ‘unhealthy’.

‘I teach dance. I exercise three to four times a week. I do yoga. I’m very healthy. It really frustrates that the way you’re looked you’re judged on how healthy you are. I go to the doctor’s regularly and I’m completely healthy,’ she said.

‘I’m on no medication, cholesterol is perfect, blood pressure is perfect, you name it, it’s all perfect.’

However, Brady faced backlash from viewers who commented that she wasn’t going a good job of promoting a healthy image.

‘She tried to emphasise how medically healthy she is at that size which may not be the same for everyone and is surely wrong for #ThisMorning,’ wrote one user.

Whilst another commented: ‘You may not have high blood pressure now….but being that size the damage will be happening….give it a few years and you’ll see! #ThisMorning.’

‘You’re not healthy at that size. If you’re truly exercising 3 or 4 times a week you must be eating shed loads of food to maintain that weight,’ a third user of the social networking site shared.

Others criticised Brady on the type of swimwear she chose for her TV appearance.

 ‘It wouldn’t look so bad if it actually fitted her…#ThisMorning,’ one ITV Daytime viewer commented.

 ‘At least wear a bikini that fits #ThisMorning,’ came the response from another.

However, there were other viewers who praised Brady for being proud of her figure.

‘Sophie looks fabulous on #ThisMorning! What a girl and what a figure, envious of those incredible boobs,’ came the response from one Twitter account.

Whilst a different user agreed with Brady when they posted: ‘I’m not skinny I’m a size 14/16, but I’m healthy though as I do zumba classes 3x a week, plus i work 7 days a week which both jobs are on your feet jobs. I don’t care what others think of me #thismorning #bodyconfidence.’

Despite being confident in her body now, Brady admitted that it wasn’t always that way.

Recalling the lengths she went to, to cover up on the beach, Brady said: ‘When I was younger, I really hated the way I looked.

‘I hated my body and thought people were judging me all the time. When I went on holiday, I’d be in a hoody and jeans in stifling heat and it wasn’t very good.’

Explaining the reason why she began to embrace her body, the guest credited her husband Michael.

‘There’s two big things that happened in my life. I met my lovely husband Michael. He really showed me that I am beautiful and he loves me just the way I am.

‘The other thing was I used to do beauty pageants. I went to watch my friend – she’s a size 8 to 10 – and I was going to see her and I thought I would love to do that. Pageants are a lot more than looking pretty.’

As Langsford commented on the research which has found that a third of women in the UK say low body confidence stops them from even getting into the swimming pool when they’re on holiday, Brady admitted that it was sad because they were missing out on making memories.

 ‘It’s very sad especially when you’e got children and things. You’re missing out on fun times in the pool with your children. If you’re very self conscious, you’re paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to go on these holidays and you don’t feel confident.’

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