Scientists develop vaccine that blocks pain from arthritis

Hope is on the horizon for millions of arthritis patients after scientists have found a vaccine could treat their daily agony.

Osteoarthritis sufferers currently have to rely on painkillers to combat their excruciating pain.

But Oxford University researchers have developed a vaccine which blocks the cause of the agony – nerve growth factor (NGF).

The vaccine triggered the immune system to work against the naturally occurring NGF in mice, numbing their pain.

Professor Tonia Vincent, co-author of the study published in Annals of Rheumatic Disease, said: ‘This is the first successful vaccination to target pain in osteoarthritis, one of the biggest healthcare challenges of our generation.’

The vaccine triggers the immune system to produce antibodies that would work against the NGF.

It was tested in mice that had uneven distribution of weight across the hind legs – which the scientists said was a sign of painful osteoarthritis.

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