Real life botched surgery: when boob jobs go horrible wrong

as reported via closer Kirsty Adams breasts became infected after surgery

Kirsty Adams, 24, from Glasgow, says having a boob job has ruined her life. She says, “After losing 4st, going from 16st to 12st, I felt great – except for my breasts, which had become saggy.

“I was desperate to have surgery in a UK clinic to boost my confidence. So, in July 2015, I went for an uplift and implants costing £6,000, hoping to go from 40C to 36DD. I used money I’d saved from my part-time job in a clothes shop and an inheritance. “The surgeon went through the possible risks of the surgery. I trusted her, and everything seemed to run smoothly. I was in a little bit of pain when I came round but thought it was normal. I was excited to see the results.”

She continued: “Two days later I realised something was wrong when I went for a check-up at the clinic, and the nurse said that I had necrosis – my nipples had turned black and bits of rotting skin needed to be removed.

“I was terrified. When I eventually looked in the mirror a week later, I was devastated. My nipples had practically disappeared and my breasts were far too high up.

“My surgeon was on holiday but, when she returned three weeks later, she told me everything was OK and just put a plaster over them. But I demanded to see another doctor, who told me I had a serious infection and I was put on antibiotics.”



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