Playboy model turns satanist and claims to have ‘alien blood’

A former Playboy model has ditched her bunny girl image for something much spookier.

Sabrina Sabrok, recently focused her attention on setting up a Satanic cult.

The 43-year-old, from Argentina, believes her “alien blood” has fuelled her interest in the occult.


Conspiracy theorist Sabrina says her RH-negative blood type is proof she’s not human.

The model, who has worked as an adult entertainer, believes she is an extraterrestrial.

She said: “I worked with researchers who told me that my blood type is not from this planet.

“There are even theories that aliens carried out experiments with humans, mixing DNA and things like this.

“As a result, some people are Rh-negative.”

While Sabrina is interested in the extraterrestrial realm, she admits she’s never been to space.

Instead, she’s spent time setting up her own cult – which is called the Sabrok Legion.

She said: “It has always interested me, and I believe that they are living among us, although I have never been to outer space…

“I was an atheist, but I started to do things with Our Lady of Holy Death and it felt good so I got into a cult and later had ideas of a satanic church.

“I then set up the ‘Sabrok Legion’ because voices told me to launch a black magic cult linked to Satanism and Saint Death.”

Previously, the porn star confessed to following the orders of the devil.

She explained: “Everything I do is because I made a pact with him.

“I always do what he tells me, because it always helps whatever it is I am doing.”

Apparently, the cult aims to “offer anyone who wants to change their life the chance to think in a different way, contrary to what society dictates”.

Previously, the model revealed plans to get her 53rd cosmetic operation.

She admitted she wanted surgeons to boost her bum to rival her 300g boob implants.

In the future, the Playboy star hopes to have the world’s biggest booty.

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