Plastic surgery addict flaunts £350k body in topless mermaid shoot

Reported on the star 

Nannette Hammond catapulted herself to fame after forking out £350,000 on plastic surgery.

The 44-year-old mum is often described as being a “living Barbie doll”.

But in her latest photos, she decided to rock a different look.

Her 78,000 followers were big fans of the style, with many inundating her with comments of support.
Nannette certainly isn’t afraid to bare her curvy body online.

This month, she struck a pose by the pool for a mermaid-themed shoot.

Drawing inspiration from the mythological creatures, she donned a fishtail skirt and a rainbow-coloured wig.

The social media influencer went topless in the picture, although she did place some shell stickers over her chest to protect her modesty.

In just two days, the post has racked up more than 7,900 likes.

Fans seemed very taken with her new look, with many branding it “sexy”.

One Instagram user wrote: “I always knew you were a beautiful mermaid!”

Another said: “Omg! You as a mermaid. Yes yes yes!”

A third added: “Wow. You look so gorgeous sunshine.”


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