Obese woman  was refused entry to EVERY ride at Alton Towers loses 10 stone so that she no longer has to stay at home in bed and ‘eat her feelings’

A graduate who was left mortified after being ‘too obese for theme park rides’ has dropped 10 stone and is proud that she’s no longer the ‘girl who used to sit in bed and eat her feelings’.

Sophie Trewick, 23, from Doncaster, weighed 23st 9lbs and claimed that staff at Alton Towers refused her entry to every ride due to her size 26 frame in 2017.

After becoming addicted to fast food from the age of 11, Sophie’s diet spiralled out of control, leaving her embarrassed as she got older and went to university.

While studying, she would order takeaways as she didn’t have many cooking skills and would take taxis to campus to avoid judgmental looks.

Sophie’s before and after weight loss diet


Breakfast: Bacon sandwich with hash brown or beans

Lunch: Cheesy chips with two sausages

Dinner: Large Dominos pizza with garlic dough balls or two cheese burgers, a large McChicken sandwich meal, sweet chilli wrap and a McFlurry

Snacks: Brownies, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks


Breakfast: High 5 cereal bar

Lunch: Salad or soup

Dinner: Slimming World meal like Thai green curry / Creamy sausage pasta

Snacks: Fruit and a Babybel

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