One of my worst nightmares is coming back from work to my marital home, only to discover another woman’s lacey underwear littered in the direction of my husband and I’s bedroom. Horrified, I press my ear against the door and hear the bed rocking. It’s the kind of situation that makes people lose faith in love, and what makes it so terrible is that it’s a reality for countless men and women around the world.

12. Men – Social work

If your man is a social worker, you only have to worry a little as just 2% of respondents fell into this category.

12. Women – Politics

The same goes for anyone who is dating a female politician. Only 1% of female respondents were politicians.

11. Men – Agriculture ( AKA FARMER)

Is your bae a farmer? In this survey, 3% of male respondents worked in agriculture.

11. Women – Arts and entertainment

Whereas 4% of female respondents worked in the arts and entertainment industry.

10. Men -Arts and entertainment

But if your man is a singer, there’s a slightly lower chance of him doing the dirty on you as this industry accounted for just 3% of male respondents.

10. Women – Legal

9. Men – Education

9. Women – Trades

8. Men – Legal

8. Women – Marketing and communications

7. Men – Medical

7. Women – IT

6. Men – Marketing and communications

6. Women – Retail and hospitality

5. Men – Finance

5. Women – Social work

4. Men – Retail and hospitality

4. Women – Finance

3. Men and Women – Entrepreneurs

2. Men – I.T.

2. Women – Education

1. Men – Trades

Another fantasy career is men who have a trade. Those muscles come at a price, though, and they made up 29% of male respondents.

1. Women – Medical

If your lady is in the medical profession then I’m sorry to say that she’s got a job that means she’s very likely to cheat, with 23% of female respondents working in this field.

“A combination of long hours of potential stress mixed with a natural reaction to stress just might be the reason these women in the medical profession seek out an affair,” said Mise.

While this list doesn’t make for delightful reading, please remember that it’s based on one survey – and it only focused on 1,024 cheaters – so it’s nothing more than an interesting (albeit scary) insight into how a person’s job could affect their fidelity – or lack thereof.

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