Mum wears corset 23 hours a day to get 18 inch waist – she even keeps it on during SEX

A mum-of-three is so determined to maintain her curvaceous physique that she only takes her corset off when she showers or works out.

Diana Ringo, 39, has a fixation with the waist-pinchers, which she claims make her feel “sexy”.

She has forked out £1,400 on the 45 corsets in her closet, which help her to maintain an 18 inch waist.

The professional chef first began wearing the restrictive garments following her pregnancy.

Wanting to get her hourglass figure back without exercise or dieting, she decided to wear corsets instead.

Diana believes that they help her to feel more feminine, allowing her to be more confident in her own skin.

She told Barcroft TV: “When I have my corset on, it makes me feel so sexy. I naturally felt so sexy but it just boosted my self-esteem a lot more, it just makes me feel good.

“I wasn’t happy with my body before because I was fat. There’s nothing wrong with being fat but my fat does not distribute in a feminine way. It distributes as if I have a male body type and I don’t like that shape.”

BARCROFT CURVEBALL: Diana looks dramatically difference nowadays
The mum now wears corsets 23 hours a day, including during sex.

Her husband Brett Ringo, 33, eventually came to terms with his partner’s unusual habit.

He said: “I was concerned with her health at first… so, she went to get checked out and the doctor said, ‘everything is good.’

“I don’t think she has taken it too far. We did agree that this was the kind of base line. We have an agreement that she is not going to get any smaller.”

Strangers on the street also turn heads at Diana’s 8.5st figure and 18 inch waist.

While some inspire to achieve similar hourglass results, others brand her lifestyle as dangerous.

She said: “Then I get some people that are like ‘oh my god how did you do that, I want to do that’.

“Some parents think I am a bad example. But my job isn’t take care of their children, my job is to take care of mine. Teachers, they just kinda roll their eyes and I roll mine back.”

OH MY BOD: Diana claims that the corsets make her feel more sexy
Despite the concern, Diana insists that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable wearing the corsets.

She said: “When I don’t have the corset on it feels like when you take off your bra. You get a little bit of like relief I guess is the right word, but you want to put it back on because you’re just used to it by now.

“I eat everything. There is nothing I can’t eat. What I can’t do is over eat.

“I can breathe properly in my corset. I just cant take tremendous full breaths while I’m wearing it and nobody lives their lives taking tremendous full breaths.”

Unlike others who hope to achieve a Jessica Rabbit-style physique, Diana doesn’t plan on going under the knife.

Instead, she plans to continue wearing the garment to maintain her figure.

She said: “I do not want to get my ribs removed I have no interest in doing that. I don’t think it would make that much of a difference.

“(Corsets are) important to me because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel sexy and I mean if I feel good and I’m happy, I go with that.”

Reported via the star online

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