Meet the sexy women who earn THOUSANDS selling raunchy cleaning videos

Cleaning videos have surged in popularity recently.

Mrs Hinch has attracted millions of followers with her homely hacks.

The 29-year-old Brit regularly features on daytime TV and has also caused household products to sell out within minutes.

Organisational guru Marie Kondo has seen similar success.

The Japanese author boasts her own Netflix show and best-selling book – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

It’s often female audiences who are drawn to this type of content, but there are other social media stars that have attracted the attention of men.

Ruby Day and Rose Kelly have built up legions of male fans due to their speed cleaning videos.

So why are the clips so popular?

With more than 437,000 subscribers and 89 million channel views, it’s safe to say Ruby Day is one of the most successful speed cleaners on YouTube.

The Texan influencer has posted dozens of “cleaning motivation” clips on the platform.

In her latest video, she hoovers her bedroom floor in a denim mini skirt.

And by taking a quick look at the comments section, it’s clear to see why some are so drawn to her videos.

One fan gushed: “I love watching you clean… especially when you bend over!!”

Another joked: “I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you. You wouldn’t get much cleaning done.”

A third admitted: “I was about to clean my room while watching this video, but I got distracted when you made the bed.”

While it’s clear some are attracted to the sex appeal of the videos, the YouTube sensation says this isn’t her intention.

Ruby told Daily Star Online: “Depending on the person they could derive sexual pleasure from many different simple things of life and from any other social media platform out there.

“What I do know is that’s not the intention of my cleaning videos.”

The vlogger insists her content is more about living a healthy lifestyle.

She also believes the clips are relaxing as they feature ASMR sounds – soothing noises that appeal to the senses.

She explained: “My YouTube channel is about helping others live a happy and healthy life through positivity, fitness, yoga, simple and healthy recipes, healthy living and life motivation – so naturally cleaning videos fit right into the type of videos I create.

“I know I sometimes need motivation and inspiration to clean so I figured my viewers could too so cleaning videos was a natural addition to helping people live a happier and healthy life…

“There’s a myriad of different reasons why cleaning videos have become popular.

“I’ve heard some people love the ASMR sounds of cleaning, they watch them to learn how to clean or to pick up tricks and new ways to better clean.

“Some people watch them for motivation to do the house chores that no one wants to do, (while) others watch them out of curiosity.”

Cleaning clips are so popular that they’re helping many influencers to earn an income.

While Ruby’s YouTube channel is demonitised due to its racy nature, she drums up funds by posting on her Patreon page.

The website allows fans to pledge a certain amount every month.

In return, they can access exclusive pictures and videos.

The 229 patrons pledge $3 (£2.30) or more a month, which amounts to around $8,200 (£6,300) over the course of a year.

Patreon takes around 5% of this fee, leaving the creator with approximately £6,000.

While this is already an impressive income, it’s likely these figures are a lot higher in reality.

Ruby offers premium packages of $50 and $150.

For this heftier sum, fans can gain access to naked vlogs, sexy tease videos and monthly signed photos.

Rose Kelly, who posts on her YouTube channel The Wholesome Feed, has raked in millions of views for producing similar content.

While the Canadian influencer makes parenting videos, health tips and food reviews, her cleaning posts draw in the largest audiences.

A whopping 4.7 million people watched her most popular clip – “Speed cleaning the house for mommies”.

Footage showing her scrubbing the floor in yoga pants and short shorts also drummed up plenty of attention.

Just like Ruby, Rose says she didn’t set out to entice male fans.

She remarked: “My videos are definitely not geared towards being arousing, though I have noted a lot of rude comments policing whatever clothing I have on in any given video.”

The mum’s love for tidying is what encourages her to make the videos.

She said: “I find it very calming and then inspiring to get my place cleaned up.”

The vlogger added that many of her fans find it satisfying to see someone de-cluttering and disinfecting their homes.

She added: “Much like any reality based programming I think that we love to see what we’d like to be doing and what makes us happy…

“The whole organising and cleaning thing seems to be big right now, maybe it’s a mellow way to feel like we have more security or control in our lives during a rather chaotic time…

“I see on Netflix how popular makeover or cleaning shows are and I think it’s natural that that popularity would transition over to the more accessible YouTube.”

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