When it comes to wine, sometimes it’s a guessing game as to what we’ll see next.

There are wine popsicles, a Champagne vending machine and even blue wine. And now there’s a new wine called Canna Vine that is infused with marijuana.

The idea of mixing pot and wine is—perhaps surprisingly—nothing new, but the idea of selling it to the masses is.

Canna Vine is wine infused with high-end, organically grown marijuana.


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The creators are continuing to experiment with two new types of marijuana, sativa and indica, to find an equal balance of “uplifting and relaxing sensations.”

But regardless of the strain, it’s reported that the process used to make this weed-infused wine starts with around a pound of marijuana.

The weed is then wrapped in cheese cloth and added to a barrel of wine, where it sits for nearly a year to ferment and repose.


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