Look inside massive swingers club with its very own ‘DO99 ING’ car

Shown on the daily mirror 

A secret swingers club in Derby has been attracting hundreds of people from across the Midlands due to its deceptive exterior.

The Attic Adult Club is tucked away on a business park off the A52 in Derby, amongst anonymous-looking construction firms and plumbing businesses.

But the site is more than meets the eye, Nottinghamshire Live reports .

Once inside, the deceptively large 43-room sex club has a room for every fantasy – including an ultra-realistic ‘dogging’ area complete with a Fiat hatchback.

This “dogging” set is especially realistic with a real Fiat hatchback – complete with a tongue-in-cheek private registration DO99 ING – and a park bench.

When visitors first enter the sex club, they are greeted by a member of staff on reception – and first-timers are offered a tour.

The darkness hits visitors as soon as they enter, with some areas pitch black “dark rooms” and others where the windows are almost entirely blacked out.

Owner Ron Rothwell has run the business since 2007.

His partner Deborah Windsor runs the adult cinema where customers – couples or singles – are invited to take a seat and watch adult films.

The doors to the other 42 rooms are split, to enable the top half of the door to remain open while the room is engaged, and they are also fully locakable.

Nearly every room is themed from concepts such as Aztecs to Valentine’s Day and they all come equipped with cleaning equipment.

Customers are expected to keep the rooms in good shape, but staff are always on had to ensure cleanliness.

The “dogging” set features a real Fiat hatchback complete with the private registration DO99 ING – and a park bench.

The schoolroom features a chalkboard and an antique desk, the dungeon boasts intimidating “torture” equipment, and the devil room’s walls are decorated with fiery paint and a skeletal figure.

The camping area centres around a large green tent with lighting inside.

The purpose of which is to create enticing silhouettes for customers who are not directly involved in the action, according to the owner.

Mr Rothwell said that The Attic is a place to “meet other people and live out fantasies”.

He told Nottinghamshire Live: “The service we offer is somewhere safe and friendly where people can come and do their own thing. It’s a safe and clean environment at all times.”

He added that the sex club is devoted to fostering a friendly and inclusive environment and takes particular care to make sure that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people feel welcome.

He says: “We have them all! We do have a big transvestite community because it’s safe here and sort of out of the way. They have plenty of room to do whatever they want.”

The business has seen a surge in interest from younger people in recent years, which could be in part down to the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey books.

The swingers club owner said: “People are becoming more and more broad-minded all the time. I think it’s just the changing attitude of the world in general. They want to be able to enjoy themselves.”

The Attic hosts monthly theme nights which attract as many as 500 customers at one ime.

May’s theme was tarts and vicars whereas the themes June and July are “movies stars” and “schools out” respectively.

Clients are advised to bring their own alcohol as the club only sells soft drinks behind the bar.

Customers exchange their booze for a numbered wristband and can get a top-up when they need it by showing the bar staff.

Mr Rothwell said that there is a 95 percent return rate for first-timers that he tours around the club.

It costs £15 for couples, £25 for single men and £10 for single women to enter and use any of the club’s rooms.

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