Katie Price’s brutally ravaged face and weeping surgical scars revealed in full

The horrific results of Katie Price’s latest surgery have been unveiled in full – and they’re not for the weak of stomach.

The 41-year-old mum of five jetted back out to Turkey earlier this month for yet another face lift, despite it being just a few short weeks after her previous round of surgical procedures.

Swerving doctors’ warnings that she should give her body a chance to heal before going back under the knife, Katie opted for surgery on her face, eyelids, boobs and bum as she turned up in Turkey.

Pictures taken at her recovery villa where she brought eldest son Harvey show the former glamour model attempting to smile after her bandages came off.

Katie’s skin looks stretched and ravaged after it was pulled tight along her jaw and stitched by her ears – with the bloody wounds still clearly visible along her temple and behind her ears.

Her fake blonde hair, which couldn’t be washed until the bandages came off, still had blood matted in it from the weeping wounds.

She was unable to wear makeup because of the risk of infection, but ‘tide marks’ where the skin had been stretched under her chin could be seen.

Katie was forced to wear a compression bra in order to keep her boobs still after having a reduction, with her number of boob jobs over the years now well into teenage figures.

And brutal injection scars could be spotted on her stomach, where Katie has had liposuction in order to go through with a Brazilian bum lift, which sucks out the patient’s fat and injects it into their bum to give a rounder rump.

Pals have recently warned that Katie is getting dangerously close to going too far in her quest for perfection, amid reports her children cried after seeing her previous surgical results in April.

But Katie has refused to give up, telling We Love TV magazine: “I love seeing results after surgery and I will always want to change something else.

“Doesn’t everyone? I love it!”

And she laughed off suggestions she’d ever stop having plastic procedures, adding: “I am trying my best to enjoy being the best version of myself. I just always want to be perfect.”

Even Katie’s boyfriend Kris Boyson has refused to support her next round of surgery, telling her in recent scenes for her reality show My Crazy Life that he hated seeing her in pain.

And Katie’s mum Amy Price had a go at her on the TV show, telling her daughter she didn’t need any more operations.

Katie’s had more than her fair share of botched procedures during her 20-year glamour modelling career, including a breast implant that ruptured during her Celebrity Big Brother stint.

Katie was forced to seek medical attention while in the house and had to fly to Belgium straight after to see her surgeon for an emergency repair.

She also underwent a face lift that went wrong in 2017, leaving her face “f**ked”.

Katie has revealed her children hate seeing her go through the pain of surgery, admitting on Loose Women that son Junior has repeatedly begged her to stop.

Reported via the mirror online

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