Identical twins BOTH have gender reassignment surgery from female to male

Identical twins Angel and Fabian Griffin don’t just have their looks in common.

The inseparable pair love hitting the gym together and are both chasing their dreams of becoming rappers.

While it isn’t uncommon for siblings to have similar interests in life, the duo share a much stronger bond

In their early twenties, they both made the life-changing decision to transition from female to male.

With their matching pigtails and girlie dresses, the twins looked very different as children.

Even though their appearances were world’s apart, the Mississippi-born siblings never felt truly comfortable in their bodies.

Angel recalled: “We knew that we were somehow different but we didn’t know what it was.

“We didn’t question each other why we felt that way we just knew to talk to each other about it. It was almost natural…

“When we were little we were into boy bands because we wanted to be them. It was like I wanna do that, we loved music but we wanted to be them.”

Fabian added: “I think we were like 10 or 11-years-old when we knew that we (weren’t) happy.

“We went to high school: I tried to force myself to dress girly – having my hair in a certain way, it was really uncomfortable.

“I felt like I was literally trapped and smiling to people knowing ‘hey I’m not happy with this tight shirt on.”

Their mum Louise also reflected on the past, recalling: “When they were growing up they acted more like males instead of females, they didn’t like to wear girl clothes and they always like being tomboy types, they played football and stuff like that.”

The twins were attracted to girls when they are young, but attempted to conceal their sexualities at school.

Even though they had crushes on girls, Angel settled down with a high school boyfriend.

He confessed: “We only dated for a short period of time. I knew I was not comfortable dating men after that.

“I was like okay this is not for me. And I broke up with him and then maybe about three months later I had sickness and I was pregnant. So that’s why I ended up with my son Carlos.”

After raising his son for five years, 21-year-old Angel began looking into the possibility of transitioning.

When serving in the military, Angel made the decision to transition.

He said: “I was in Iraq and I don’t even know how it happened or what made me do a search, I came across something on YouTube about female to male and then I saw this guy that looked exactly like a male and then next thing I know I’m seeing a whole bunch of videos pop up.

“I immediately called Fabian and I said: ‘I’m changing my gender’ he was like ‘what do you mean you’re gonna change your gender?’

“I was like: ‘I’m changing my gender, you can change your gender’ and he was like ‘I’m doing it too’.”

The siblings immediately felt like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders when they decided to book in for reassignment surgery.

They travelled together to Las Vegas, where they both had the operation within one month of each other.

The pair are now hoping to break into the music industry and hope that sharing their story will help to promote inclusivity.

Fabian said: “Being transgender and being somebody of colour, I definitely want to knock down the stereotypes.

“It is good that transgenders finally have a voice: musically they are there talking about love but I don’t even want to be considered a transgender artist, I want to be considered an artist.

“People think that transgenders are here for the entertainment, we are not here because of the entertainment, you know we exist, we are here so now get to know us, understand us and be there for our choices.”

Reported via the daily star online

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