Human Ken doll dumps Barbie girlfriend because she dyed her hair brown and ‘Ken does not like brunettes!’

A man who spent £92,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like a Ken doll broke up with his Barbie-like girlfriend because she dyed her hair brown.

Quentin Dehar and Anastasia Reskoss have had dozens of procedures to make them resemble the plastic dolls.

The pair, who live in France, even changed their names to “Ken” and “Doll” and drove around in a convertible Porsche in order to emulate their idols.

But after Anastasia dyed her hair from blonde to dark brown, Quentin says he was forced to end the relationship.

Quentin told the Mail Online: “I separated from Anastasia because I fell out of love with her. I realised we were growing apart for a while, but the final straw was when she dyed her hair from blonde to a very dark brown.

“Ken does not like brunette girls! I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together morphing into the Ken and Barbie dolls we love, but Anastasia was no longer committed to that dream.

“She made that clear when she changed her blonde hair. I’m a single and independent Ken now although it would be nice to find love again.”

The pair’s procedures, paid for by their parents, have included two boob jobs, four nose jobs, lip injections, butt implants, cheek fillers, ear reshaping surgery, botox, eye bag removal surgery, fake tanning, teeth whitening, nail extensions and veneers.

Anastasia Reskoss invested a staggering £129,700 to look like Barbie.

Reported on the dailymirror

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