Hulk brothers risk DEATH by injecting themselves with chemicals to maintain 28 inch biceps

A pair of beefy brothers weigh a whopping 37.5st between them.

The muscly men, from Brazil, go to extreme lengths to maintain their bulky bodies.

As well as going to the gym and consuming 6,000 calories every day, they have injected their biceps and legs with dangerous chemicals.

Doctors warned that the pair must stop doing this, as their skin physically can’t stretch any more.

Tony “Hulk” Geraldo, 49, and Alvaro “Conan” Pereira, 50, first became obsessed with their fitness in their teenage years.

They worried that they were “too skinny” and developed an addiction to bulking.

The older sibling was just 15 when he began injecting Potenay B12 into his body – and his brother soon followed suit.

Even though they knew people who died from using these chemicals, the brothers injected twice a week and worked out in between.

Alvaro said: “We got to the point where we couldn’t get any bigger. But then we found out about Potenay B12.

“The supplement makes you gain the mass you would have gained in a year, in a month.

“If you do it in the wrong way, you can die. It happens a lot. We know people who have died.”

The married men get plenty of female attention, which is probably another reason why they’re reluctant to ditch their dangerous bulking regime.

Tony said: “My wife doesn’t like it. However, I am happy with myself. She has to accept me like I am, or we will have to go on separate ways.

“I usually tell my wife that she’s the only one who doesn’t like me. Other women love my size, they love it.

“Once we were walking in front of my gym and I told her, ‘look, if you don’t want me there are several other girls who do’.”

After decades of building up their physiques, Tony and Alvaro’s biceps measure 28’’ and 25’’ retrospectively.

Even though they have gone to extreme lengths to maintain their muscles, they believe they now live a healthier life.

Tony remembered: “Back then we were [addicted]. Today, no. We have it under control.

“People around me didn’t let me go on the wrong path and I did the same with my brother. He always wants to be bigger, but I always tell him that we need to be careful.

Medical experts are concerned about the brothers’ lifestyle and give up the injections.

The duo claim that they have cut back because their skin can’t stretch any more.

Tony and Alvaro are aware that their looks aren’t to everyone’s taste and warn others to be wary when bulking unnaturally.

The older sibling warned: “I wouldn’t recommend this method to anyone.

“Each person has a set mind and young people want results overnight. Then they use it incorrectly and they get extremely ugly and deformed.”

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