How to get FREE ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s TODAY ONLY

During the company’s annual Free Cone Day celebrations, thousands of scoops will be given away at cinemas and Scoop Shops.

Selected Scoop Shops will be offering a chance to enjoy a scoop of any flavour on the menu – including the Moo-phoria Chocolate Cookie Dough.

Ice cream lovers could literally find themselves in a right cone-undrum over what flavour to choose and they can always go for seconds, or even thirds.

However if you want to make the most of the freebies, this is only available on April 9 (Tuesday).Co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield first dreamed of Free Cone Day back in 1979, as a way to thank their customers in Vermont.The idea turned into an annual – and now global – event with over a million scoops handed out worldwide each April.

Matthew McCarthy, Ben & Jerry’s CEO, said: “We’re nothing without our fans. This is one of our favourite days of the year.

“It’s a special tradition that’s all about showing the love for our flavour fans the best way that we know how.”

And for the first time ever, you can get some Free Cone Day spirit delivered straight to your door.

To find your nearest participating Scoop Shop, visit the Ben & Jerry’s website.

While you’re waiting for the big day, why not try the brand’s quiz to find out which flavour you should try scooping next week.

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