Homeowner finds monster 11-foot alligator waddling through kitchen

Reported on the daily mirror 

A homeowner got the fright of a lifetime when they found an enormous alligator waddling through their kitchen.

The startled resident came face to snout with the reptile after it somehow found its way inside the home in Florida, USA .

They called 911 and officers from Clearwater Police Department were quickly on hand to deal with the gator.

On closer- but not too close – inspection they judged that it was 11 foot long.

A brave officer took a quick snap of the animal.

On its Facebook page, Clearwater Police wrote: “An unwanted overnight visitor had to be removed from a home on Eagles Landing Circle West in Clearwater.

“The 11-foot-long gator broke into the home through some low windows in the kitchen.

“The homeowner called police and a trapper also responded to the scene. The gator was captured and there were no injuries.”

Out of place alligators are a regular feature of life in the Sunshine State.

In 2018 Florida emergency services fielding 15,000 calls for nuisance gators.

Since 2010 they have caused the deaths of eight people in the USA.

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