The internet lost its mind over the larger-than-life Sam’s Club “Party Island” pool floats, which are priced at around £100 each and fit up to six people at one time. That makes a pretty good deal if you split the cost among your besties.

This float is every foodie’s dream: a ginormous pizza! Though you can buy individual slices, why not buy all eight to make a full pizza large enough to fit your whole party? Just imagine the photo opps!

This floating island fits six people and features five seats with built-in backrests and armrests and even a lounge for sunbathing. It’s over 10 feet long and offers two coolers and six cup holders, perfect for keeping your beverage of choice nearby throughout the day.

These enormous beauties come in peacock (as shown above) as well as flamingo and unicorn shapes.

Jump on one of these babies and you’re all set to party in the sunshine. The flamingo and unicorn styles come with built-in coolers and cup holders.

These magical animal islands of wonder were completely sold out everywhere on the internet. But they’re now back in stock!

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