Glamour model with ‘Britain’s biggest boobs’ uses 34NNs for something strange in bed

reported via the daily star 

The plastic surgery fan has forked out £40,000 to get “Britain’s biggest boobs”.

And now, Nicki Valentina Rose is planning on going under the knife again to achieve the ultimate hourglass look.

The 26-year-old glamour model wants to make her 34NN bust even larger.

She is also planning on splashing out on dangerous rib removal surgery to nip her in at the waist.

Nicki was cruelly mocked over her appearance when she was a teenager.

After being branded “big nose” by school bullies, she decided to get a rhinoplasty.

She has since forked out £20,000 on three nose jobs, as well as spending £8,000 on lip fillers.

But the young woman’s most extreme attribute is her 34NN breasts.

Inspired by a French dancer who formerly had the biggest boobs in the world, Nicki decided to get similar work done.

She said: “My obsession came from Lolo Ferrari; the first time I saw her, I wanted big boobs and I knew it was a big decision, so took me a while to achieve it.”

As she felt self-conscious about her 32B chest, she decided to give them a boost.

Over time, she’s spent £40,000 on different implants, which have reportedly given her the biggest boobs in Britain.

Thankfully, the Londoner believes that the surgery was worth the money.

She revealed: “It makes me happier when I have big boobs – it’s something I’ve always wanted since I was really young.”

Nicki has also used her assets to help launch her career.

After she began sharing saucy snaps on Instagram, she started getting modelling offers.

While Nicki does love her curves, they can get in the way of her everyday life.

The curvy babe admitted: “They do get in the way of me doing stuff in the car or shaving my armpits.

“My implants come outwards into my armpits, so I can’t see them when I shave.

“I just float on them when I sleep because it’s quite relaxing. It’s like sleeping on a big pillow underneath me.

“If I keep them on my back, it’s too much weight bearing down on my chest.

“When I sleep on my back it feels like someone is sitting on me, so I sleep on my front because it’s so much easier and comfortable.”

Unsurprisingly, health experts have aired their concerns about the procedures.

Nicki said: “I have been warned that it could cause me some serious back issues, so my plastic surgeon tells me to work on my back muscles.

“My doctor has told me that my body structure is at risk.

“Doctors say that I will get very tired, very lazy, which will mean I will put a lot of weight on, and that this could result in me getting fat.”

Despite these warnings, Nicki plans on getting even more ops booked in.

She confessed: “Now I want a bigger bum, even bigger breasts and maybe my have my ribs removed.

“If you’re unhappy about something and want to change anything about yourself – go do it if it’s going to make you happy but remember beauty truly comes within.”

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