Bearded lady who feared she’d be single forever gets wed to Satanist

A polyamorous woman was delighted to find a partner who could “see past her beard”.

Little Bear Schwarz, 36, worried the fuzz caused by her polycystic ovary syndrome would prevent her from finding a man.

Thankfully, she had nothing to worry about as she fell head over heels for Tobias Bradick, 45.

The pair got married earlier this year in an unconventional Christian-Satanist ceremony.

Little Bear was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when she was 14-years-old.

The common condition can affect fertility and occurs when there are high levels of “male hormones” in the body.

It can also lead to excessive hair growth – which is why the American woman has grown a beard.

This PCOS side-effect made the Washington-based singleton worry she would never find love.

She admitted: “I’d had relationships in the past, but they all fell apart, so I was feeling pretty low.

“I was worried that I’d never be able to find a person who could see past my beard.”

She added:  “For me, it’s difficult to find someone, as they have to be really confident and proud to be with me, because, inevitably, they will be known as the person who goes out with a bearded lady.

“On the other hand, though, I’ve always been wary of people who fetishise my beard, as I want someone to like me for who I am – not just a specific feature.

“And that balance was often difficult to find.”

Even though Little Bear’s facial hair held her back in the past, her luck changed when she met Tobias.

The pair began chatting in a polyamory group on Facebook, where sparks flew between them.

Even though they had drastically different religious views, they realised they were similar in different ways.

Little Bear explained: “So I wrote a post on Facebook and then an hour later I got a message from Tobias saying that he hoped it didn’t come across as too opportunistic, but he would love to take me out…

“Tobias is a Satanist whereas I am a Christian, which might sound like we are at odds with one another.

“But really, we have the same ethical codes – we just express them through different means.”

After a year of dating, the happy couple tied the knot on February 24.

And while they both remain polyamorous, they are also very much devoted to each other.

Little Bear said: “In the same way that you can love several of your children or friends, Tobias and I believe that you can be in love with multiple partners.

“But that doesn’t at all detract from the love I feel for him. Really, he’s the first man that I have felt totally comfortable with, who loves me for the person I am – beard and all.”

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