Sometimes, the world just makes us want to say, “WTF?” Okay, in all honesty, this happens to me a lot more than “sometimes.” For example, here are 20 times I’ve said it this morning alone:

1. There’s ketchup in the shower

2. There’s metal in this fast food meal

3. The stairs are moving

4. Cat in can

5. Is this even possible?

6. That’s quite a Bic of color

7. Stretch marks after birth, a thing all women face

8. And I thought I had issues parking properly!

9. How does this happen?

10. Chest day gone so wrong

11. This is a twisted tale

12. This buff kangaroo telling it like it is

13. This headliner

14. Why you don’t bring your pet to the zoo

15. Another reason to avoid fast food

16. This

17. Errr try?

18. This

19. This

20. And finally, this


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