If you ever wondered about the accuracy of any pictures you see online, I’m about to share something disturbing with you. The following 18 pictures have shocked the internet in a great way but when it was learned that they were fake, it shocked the internet again, but this time in a bad way. Take a look down through these pictures and you will see that not everything is as it appears.

1 A historical scene? I think not.

2. Clever but deceptive

3. Underwater pictures are not always as they seem

4. Its all about perception

5. They even get kids involved in the deception.

6. Would you have believed this one?

7. You only need a little water

8. At least this one isn’t completely fake

9. This one really looked real. Great job but fake…

10. Do you know how this is made? It isn’t a real storm.

11. Water can be deceptive

12. It looks real, doesn’t it?


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